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Edibles will stop food waste by adding value to unloved edible produce. EDIBLE is an app and web-based market place for food that is about to pass its sell-by date.

Dutch consumers, food producers, wholesalers, supermarkets and hospitality discard €4.5 billion of edible food[1] annually, which has devastating impact on the environment and local economy. Edibles adds value to potential waste food by connecting sellers and consumers via an online platform and mobile application that allows the seller (a supermarket, hotel, restaurant or individual) to send a targeted sale notification to the Edibles network of users.

Why should you receive this vote?

Food waste is a global problem that Edibles can solve locally!

1.3 billion tonnes per year of edible produce is wasted every year[2]. Something must be done to address this unnecessary waste of food and money, which has devastating impact on the environment and local economy. Edibles’ objective is to cut down on environmentally harmful food waste by providing a commercially viable alternative. By offering a service to connect sellers and consumers, Edibles enables businesses to mitigate loss resulting from food waste, consumers to benefit from reduced price goods and society to benefit from environmentally friendly practice. A vote for Edibles benefits individuals, businesses and municipalities!

John Oliver, Last Week Tonight (19/07/15) – FOOD WASTE

The Edibles Team

Mark Durno and Bart Luters are students at Rotterdam School of Management studying the Executive MBA 2016 (2 year part-time program). Mark is an urban farmer in The Hague, promoting short supply chain, and Bart runs a video support app, a tool to help reduce logistics CO2.

A small cartoon to show the concept: