Student | Noomi

Noomi is a portable energy generating toy designed for children in developing regions; such as refugee camps and rural villages with limited to no access to electricity.

Noomi is powered through play.  When children play and interact with Noomi, energy is generated and stored inside which can later be used as a light source.  A unique feature of Noomi is that although it is a functional product, the user is also able to develop a personal connection with it.  Each child has their own Noomi with a unique exterior and features which allow for different kinds of play and interaction. Noomi is a small scaled solution to a greater problem.

Idea owners: Suzanne Ros, Roxana Macovei, Derisa Chiu and Emilie Langlois are students at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

Noomi1 Noomi2Noomi3             OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA