In The Hague, tens of thousands of people are working on resolving the social and global challenges of our time.
Every day and in many ways, we are building solutions that work. Get to know us here.

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This is where you find an overview of The Hague related events that explore the exciting intersections between entrepreneurship, technology, creativity, and social impact.
In The Hague, tens of thousands of people are working on resolving the social and global challenges of our time.
Every day and in many ways, we are building solutions that work. Get to know us here.

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Let’s co-create Impact Startup Fest The Hague!

Collaboration Community Entrepreneurship Event Global challenges

Startup Fest Europe is a week Netherlands nationwide Festival that helps startups grow. By bringing together founders, investors, designers, business leaders and developers around specific themes. Startup Fest Europe is a great way to show the world the Netherlands is a hotbed for startups and innovation.

And we want you to join!

IMPACT STARTUP FEST The Hague invites you to co-create

The city of the Hague will host Impact Startup Fest on the 26th of May. This impact festival will focus entirely on impact startups and scale-ups working on innovations that tackle global challenges. Impact Startup Fest provides a creative environment to build bonds and bridges, establish new connections, opportunities and deals.

Sign up now, get a ticket, it’s worth it!

The festival is co-created by a network of (inter)national parties working in the field of impact startups and ventures. Impact Startup Fest hosts an exciting program, with inspirational speakers, uplifting demos, pitch sessions, and useful matchmaking opportunities between impact startups, investors, international organizations, developers and corporations.

Real time acceleration of challenges and Matchmaking

We offer a platform for startups and people with impactful questions to share their challenges. Your matter is key to our success, and that’s why we share the opportunity to address these issues. Tweet us, or send us an email to reach out with these questions.

Matchmaking is at it’s core for this event. Our goal is to connect impact investors and impact startups prior, during and after the event. For networking we offer unique tools to meet the people that matter to you and your business.

An open call for workshops!

There are a host of interactive sessions by partners, speakers and startups like:

  • Impact management and impact measurement
  • Legal status and exits for impact ventures
  • Pitch training and storytelling
  • Investment readiness
  • Validation workshops

We want you to share your knowledge from your field, that is to promote yourself and your business, of course. Mainly to give others the stepping stones to succeed in their business. Send us a tweet, comment on this Facebook post, and express what you want to enable others to do with your workshop.

Our call for speakers making dents in the universe!

International thought leaders present future trends in relation to key global challenges (Humanitarian innovation, Security, Justice, Big Data, Smart cities, Sustainability e.g.). Our event is a celebration of the importance of impact in the world!

There is probably an utterly bright mind in your network, able to blow people’s minds with theories and thoughts. Send us a us a tweet, or share a person (please tag) on this Facebook post a person which should be on stage (and is too humble to come us personally).

An open call for volunteers!

Next to the big boys and girls, we want to give everyone a chance to participate. The best experiences and learning curves happened while studying! This is the opportunity to join in and learn from speakers, workshops and people at the event. You will get a fair chance to enjoy the event, and help us in organizing this massive happening.

The most energizing and lively organizations are built around great volunteers, that is you!

Send an email to our organization so you can sign up as one of service minded selfs.

One more thing, an open call for crazy ideas.

Do you want to partner with us, work with us, find your launch partner, whatever, [buy a ticket]() today and contact us with your crazy idea. Pitch us on Twitter (if you need more than one tweet, DM us). Or send us a private message on Facebook. If you don’t have Twitter or Facebook, email us.

Some of the already participating companies and organizations:

The event takes place on Thursday 26th of may in the Caballero fabriek together with Mama Kelly. At the end of the day drinks and food will be served in the local brewery Kompaan, de Besturing and social enterprise Greenfox. Buy a Ticket right now, just from the printing presses.