In The Hague, tens of thousands of people are working on resolving the social and global challenges of our time.
Every day and in many ways, we are building solutions that work. Get to know us here.

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In The Hague, tens of thousands of people are working on resolving the social and global challenges of our time.
Every day and in many ways, we are building solutions that work. Get to know us here.

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Lija Groenewoud van Vliet mixes her love for art and innovation

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Lija Groenewoud van Vliet is one of those people you want to follow, because of her great activities for the startup ecosystem and her love for art. She is the Metropolitan Start-up Lab manager at technology incubator YES!Delft.

She is speaker and networker extravaganza at Impact Startup Fest, you don’t want to miss her so buy a ticket now.

Lija is combines her love for innovation and art. She is an innovation advisor, writer, art lover, collector and discoverer. From In4art:

When artists bring concepts alive they convey a message, a story, whether aesthetic or shocking, but with a certain impact on society. It is this impact that triggers many disciplines such as the world of science and technology. Because in these worlds experimentation and creativity are both needed and existing.

Van Vliet can best be described as a dynamic, creative and open minded person, with a passion for knowledge sharing and being the spider in a web: help connecting people and co-creating synergies. She gained experience as an innovation advisor/ researcher and knowledge/ network facilitator: helping organization with their strategic challenges to stay innovative and be able to grow and scale in (rapidly) changing environments.

yesdelf Lija Groenewoud van Vliet

Metropolitan Start-Up Lab

The Rotterdam and The Hague Metropolitan Area and business incubator YES!Delft joined forces to encourage start-ups and entrepreneurship in the region. Start-ups challenge technological issues of today and thus they take on the future.

Start-ups that deliver new products and services create a major contributor to innovation, economy and employment in the region

The Metropolitan Start-Up Lab organizes several activities together with local partners. You will meet other entrepreneurs, they share their knowledge and network and learn skills to grow start-up of technical idea. The metropolitan region is a densely populated area with major issues of urbanization, infrastructure and environment. That is why it also offers many opportunities, along with existing organizations and potential customers, to develop and test ideas.

Develop an innovative idea in this region and it will grow to a promising start-up, and it has all the potential to grow into a global business.

Current mission for MSL and Lija Groenewoud van Vliet:

The Metropolitan startup lab currently focuses on NEXT Economy needs NEXT Entrepreneur. This challenge will give you access to an interesting network of launching customers, coaches & mentors and last but not least various rewards. So if you are working on a solution on how to achieve data energy or resource productivity, join the activities or submit your idea before June 5th.

Think of:

1. Inspiration and pitches. Look at other entrepreneurs and show yourself
2. Tours through the hubs and alltogether the local ecosystem
3. Coaching how you can reach your customers and investors
4. Ideation together with your team to find challenges that matter
5. Discovery through workshops with frameworks and mentors
6. Access Point, the way to find that connection with launching customers

Lija Groenewoud van Vliet next economy next entrepreneur

The Lab is generally looking for technical ideas to accelerate at Impact Startup Fest. As our partner they will be scouting and checking out pitches by everyone and stimulating the impact economy. Get a ticket now and we see you the 26th of May