In The Hague, tens of thousands of people are working on resolving the social and global challenges of our time.
Every day and in many ways, we are building solutions that work. Get to know us here.

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In The Hague, tens of thousands of people are working on resolving the social and global challenges of our time.
Every day and in many ways, we are building solutions that work. Get to know us here.

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The lucky hard working startups selected for the Investors Matchmaking track venture forum

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We got a marvelous response to our call to action to subscribe to our matchmaking track venture forum! We asked our community to subscribe and share this great opportunity for Social Impact startups. The reaction was great, and we’re humbled with so much good business out there in the World, interested in the The Hague ecosystem.

The Venture Forum aims to promote entrepreneurship, investment and partnering in the social impact space: security, social justice, e-government, humanitarian innovation, sustainability, and smart city solutions powered by big Data, technology and internet of things.

Without further ado: these are all the selected startups, which we promise will have leapfrogged in impact if you talk to them next year.

Security & E- government

Rob Leslie from Ireland –
Sedicii has developed and patented a technology that eliminates the transmission, storage and exposure of private user data during an identity verification process.
Goal: Work on average 14 hours a day to enable people to reclaim and control the use of their (digital) identity.

Florent Bourachot from Switzerland
Biowatch develops and markets smart clasp for watches and bracelets recognizing the legitimate owner of the watch thanks to the unique shape of the wrist veins.
Goal: To prove to you ‘vein authentication’ is a trusted and proven technology.

Arjen de Landgraaf from the Netherlands –
Preventing Breaches and data compromises through Early Warnings on potential risks
Goal: To be your complete one-stop resource for Relevant, Focused, Timely and Actionable Risk Intelligence

Christian Pereira from Germany – 
Safe, intuitive, fast and affordable cyber Security for eShops
Goal: Make every webshop worldwide safer!

Jason du Preez from the United Kingdom –
Privitar adds privacy protection to big data platforms enabling safe use, sharing and trade of sensitive information.
Goal: For your company to incorporate technology solutions that protect against privacy harms

Smart Cities

Ruud Riem-Vis from Switzerland –
It’s mission is to improve global supply chain operations by providing first-hand data about the location and status of shipments and moving assets, anywhere in the world.
Goal: To continue to discover the variety of the Dutch gastronomy during our meetings (how we got our name)

Piers Corfield from the United Kingdom –
Dashboard is a provider of sophisticated remote monitoring solutions for industrial processes, leveraging enviable levels of hardware and software expertise to the benefit of a wide range of vertical sectors.
Goal: Continue to be driven by innate curiosity and excitement from new technologies

Yassine Chahid from Belgium –
Springsyple aims to be the reference in the matters dedicated to the acquisition of human capital (human resource and recruitment) on an international environment.
Goal: Bring an important social dimension contributing to education

David Waimann from Israel –
Elencon is a pioneer in automated building efficiency systems. Its unique technology saves 30% on HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) costs.
Goal: Share my passion about green cleantech technologies!

Michael Murray from Ireland –
NVP Energy’s LT-AD technology treats low strength wastewater at temperatures as low as 4 degrees Celsius, requiring no heat input to the process, & simultaneously produces a biogas that is 100% reusable by the end user for electricity or heat production.
Goal: Bring financial and environmental benefits in water treatment (so everywhere!)

Social Justice & Humanitarian

Julien Hering from France –
Tree of Science is dedicated to accelerate scientific research, and open science by providing digital solutions for researchers and their research organizations.
Goal: Enable impactful research all over the world

Maurits Barendrecht from the Netherlands –
We are driven to make justice work for people through new technologies, cutting edge knowledge on conflict resolution, and new forms of organisation and governance.
Goal: To obtain more justice to the poorer of this world

Mark van Embden from Georgia –
Mosavali is a virtual farmer’s cooperative that provides smallholders with access to information, good and services to improve their production and income.
Goal: Improve farming practices, in a big way

Lennart Budelmann from The Netherlands –
aQysta is a start-up company founded by three engineers from the Delft University of Technolog, They innovate and deploy technological solutions in environmentally and economically sustainable manner.
Goal: To empower people by providing products that truly make a difference

Alice Deboli from Italy –
LMSC is an innovative digital megaphone that fights food waste and improves socialization in city’s districts, offer a new live-marketing formula that allows shops with a surplus of food to instantly inform people nearby through their smartphones.
Goal: To save food from dying before it’s eaten!


Frank Tielens from the Netherlands –
HeatMatrix turns waste heat into profit, they have developed a unique polymer heat exchanger which is corrosion resistant and therefor can recover this heat.
Goal: To bring our technology to the world!

Monique Maissan from China –
Textile products made from recycled plastic bottles
Goal: To one day run out of plastic bottles that need to be cleaned up

Frank Riedewald from Ireland –
Composite Recycling Ltd offers processes to recycle composite plastics specifically tyres and printed circuit boards (PCBs and mobile phones), but also pure plastics.
Goal: To meet potential partners who share our vision!

Stefan Lomberg from Germany –
Diselect’s Vision is to make the world a little better with a high standard of qualified secondary raw material.

Martijn Lopes from the Netherlands –
Black Bear Carbon has developed innovative technology to extract carbon black from waste tires to produce new blends of carbon black (CB).
Goal: Offer you even of better qualities Carbon Black than existing ones

All the great reasons to approach them!

One of our event partners is Wildcard. They enable anyone everywhere to start a conversation with the people that matter. Get the app, create your card and share it in the #impactfest16 Deck so you can see all of these great people’s Wildcard. Their Goal is clear so you don’t have a reason not to start a conversation with them!