We are ImpactCity

Hard workers, thinkers. Doers, dreamers. Hackers, civil servants, 3D printers. Students and entrepreneurs. Diplomats and artists. In The Hague, tens of thousands of people are working towards making the world a better place. Every day and in many ways. On this website, we share our stories.

Our city represents an unique hub that connects startups with governments, international companies, research centers, studios, and thousands of creative entrepreneurs. Whether it’s a United Nations organization, one of the many NGOs, art schools, or start-ups: The Hague, as international city of peace and justice, works on social and global challenges and builds solutions that work.

Economic success goes hand in hand with social impact. Or it can anyway – and it should. We call it the “impact economy”. It’s an economy that has an enormous potential to grow – and create beautiful things that benefit all of us. That’s why the city is investing in people, places, experiments, and ideas. As a result, we can tell you many inspiring stories, because the impact economy is here already:

We develop drones that are being used in emergency situations. We work on big data to make humanitarian aid more effective. We build affordable biogas systems that alleviate households in developing countries. We design smart phone applications that help manage the use of water in risk areas. We grow mushrooms on the coffee grounds of corporate companies. We build smart authentication tools that give access to delicate information to only the right people. We develop power planes that generate and transform alternative energy.

Learn about ImpactCity The Hague by reading our stories. And we look forward to hearing yours – you can send it to us at info@impactcity.nl. We, the partners of this website, hope to see you during one of our events.