Campus @ Sea || Elemental Water Makers

Campus @ Sea is the innovation centre for innovations at sea and along the coast of Scheveningen and The Hague. At Campus @ Sea, parties are brought together around the themes of food, energy, ecology and sports. Testing, learning and innovating to have a positive impact on the world of tomorrow is what Campus @ Sea stands for. One of the parties that uses the facilities of Campus @ Sea is Elemental Water Makers.


Elemental Water Makers

Elemental Water Makers developed an efficient water treatment system, in which salt seawater is made suitable for drinking water by desalination. The energy required comes from solar panels and is limited by energy recovery from the desalination process. They built this technique in a standard sea container, suitable for applications in communities, resorts and remote crisis areas. This allows the drinking water supply to be restarted quickly, for example after a hurricane. During the demo of the unit that is now present in the port of Scheveningen, the technology, process and design of the container were discussed.

Elemental Water Makers is an innovative company, located in the middle of the port of Scheveningen and contributes to solving a worldwide problem: worldwide, two billion people experience a shortage of clean drinking water.