Campus @ Sea || H2 Coachboat

Campus @ Sea is the innovation centre for innovations at sea and along the coast of Scheveningen and The Hague. At Campus @ Sea, parties are brought together around the themes of food, energy, ecology and sports. Testing, learning and innovating to have a positive impact on the world of tomorrow is what Campus @ Sea stands for. One of the projects that uses the facilities of Campus @ Sea is is the H2 coachboat.

H2 Coachboat

A consortium of Dutch companies and institutions have developed a working powertrain for a hydrogen-powered fast rubber boat. The goal, a clean coach boat for sailing, has thus come an important step closer. A test setup of the drivetrain was shown during a demonstration. The collaborating parties hope to present a full-fledged H2 Coach Boat during the Sailing World Championships which are to be held in The Hague / Scheveningen in 2022.

Background: during competitive sailing training, coaches sail in a so-called rigid-hull inflatable boat (Rib), a rubber boat reinforced with an aluminum or polyester hull and equipped with a powerful outboard motor. During a major competition such as the World Cup, the harbor is full of hundreds of coach boats that together consume many liters of fuel.
Jaap Zielhuis, head coach at the Watersportverbond, launched the idea to develop a clean version in the Netherlands after the 2018 World Cup in Aarhus, Denmark. This is in line with the plans of the international sailing federation World Sailing to allow only emission-free coach boats at major competitions by 2030.