Certificate helps government with social procurement

GreenFox Social Return B.V. has achieved the highest step of the Performance Ladder Social Entrepreneurship (PSO): the TNO certificate PSO 30+. This pioneer in the field of social entrepreneurship is the first in The Hague.

The certificate is an important recognition for social enterprises. It is awarded to organizations where more than 30% of employees have a distance to the labor market. At GreenFox Social Return B.V. it is even 70%. Director Renzo Deurloo would rather rephrase it: “We second people with a head start on the labor market. With the right guidance, everyone can move on to a permanent contract ”

MP Martin Wörsdörfer (VVD) symbolically handed over the PSO30 + certificate to Renzo at the Binnenhof. The VVD favors companies that give opportunities to people who have a distance to the labor market. “PSO30 + is the recognition for these types of organizations that provide the same benefits as public organizations, such as social work facilities. Municipalities/ministries/ provinces/ etc can now directly award a contract to parties that offer employment to people with a distance to the labor market. What makes it exceptional is that GreenFox Social Return is the first in The Hague, a company that I have been following from the beginning. ”

The PSO 30+ certificate from TNO tests whether more than 30% of a company size consists of people with a distance to the labor market. This can be people who are permanently employed, but also who work on the basis of secondment. Organizations that have obtained the PSO 30+ certificate meet the description of Article 2.82 of the Public Procurement Act. Just like public bodies such as social work facilities, they can then be awarded public contracts directly. With the PSO 30+, social entrepreneurs have the instrument to show in an independent way how inclusive they are. We congratulate GreenFox Social Return and in particular Renzo for their mission to help as many people as possible to get a head start on the labor market for work, ”says Yuri Starrenburg PSO Netherlands.