Create a cleaner planet by doing laundry:

Meet natural detergent Seepje

In this series we interview impact startups pitching at the pitch stage of the Impact Startup Fest. Seepje is one of them! Want to hear their story live? Register now!

Startup name: Seepje (the Dutch word for ‘tiny soap piece’)
Develops: 100% natural and fairtrade laundry detergent from Nepal.
Founders and directors: Jasper Gabriëlse and Melvin Loggies

Together we create a cleaner and more beautiful world by selling our seven natural detergents through 550 shops in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

Natural soap with Seepje

Melvin and Jasper started Seepje in march 2013 when they saw a Nepalese woman use the fruit peels to create natural soap. Why would you use all kinds of synthetic products?

Seepje washes with mukorossi-fruit peels from the Sapindus trees which grow in abundance in and around the Himalayas. Due to the favorable climate in Nepal they are the largest fruits of the highest quality! When the peel of the fruit is dried, it has special properties … they have cleaning power!

We are very proud of the fact that the community of people who use our laundry detergent is growing. Our story is told enthusiastically and that that enables us to realize a positive impact, both in the Netherlands and in Nepal.


Seepje fluid
Seepje fluid – Let nature do your laundry

Our dream with Seepje is to create permanent positive impact

Our dream is that the positive impact of Seepje will become ‘normal’ and more and more companies will copy our way of thinking. That our brand Seepje will have a permanent impact, if that is not the case already.

Growth always has been a challenge for us. From hiring the right people, finding good locations, finding capital , etc. We think that is part of the fun! If it’s easy it’s not for us, we like a proper challenge.

We’re based in The Hague and it’s metropolitan area offers many many opportunities (like Impact Startup Fest) and is basically a stepping stone to the world.

Listen to advice you get, but stay truthful to yourself

“There are lots of nice people and companies who have more knowledge of certain things than you have. And besides, they are willing to share that knowledge. Use that and do not try to invent the wheel more than once. Also: stay truthful to your own sincere vision, then every day will be fun, even when it’s hard.”

Call to action

Jasper calls on everyone to clean the world by doing laundry. Seepje is one of many examples to contribute to a a cleaner world. Let’s be aware of that and let’s focus on positivity.


seepje detergent the hague