Corona initiatives and support

There is so much going on and sometimes it is hard to know where to start. That’s why we have put together a list of initiatives and updates from our partners who are working on supporting and inspiring you through the current situation. Have something to add? Please get in touch on

Looking for more information on the government measures and financial support? Please click here.

    An online platform where anyone request help and offer help related to issues and problems they face due to corona. From students needing study support, to entrepreneurs submitting requests for staff.
    An online platform where anyone request help and offer help related to issues and problems they face due to corona. From needing help to get medication from the pharmacy to a call for donating blood and support those working on the frontlines.
  • Municipality of The Hague & The Young Digitals – Marketing support for 40 entrepreneurs
    Online communication is more important than ever. That is why the municipality is working together with the social entrepreneurship of The Young Digitals. 40 entrepreneurs who are in need of online marketing support can get help from The Young Digitals. They will write website tekst and create inspiring imagery go to with it. They will support social media channels with the right post and make results understandable for proper reviewing. On top of that, the municipality will co-finance 50% of the cost! Read here all the details and and sign up here here! First come, first served basis.
  • The Hague treasures
    Looking for the ultimate gift for the holidays, birthdays, misses day, anniversaries, or just because you find someone treasure?
    Surprise someone with the Hague treasure gift voucher! The offer is diverse, something for everyone and the shops and places are spread throughout The Hague. This way you give someone a unique gift and you can be sure that the beautiful receipt does not remain in the cupboard! Here you will find a complete overview of The Hague Treasures.
  • The Hague beer brewers
    Independent beer brewers are hit very hard. To support each other and try to collectively push communication and awareness, breweries from The Hague have put together a ‘Hou je Haags’ beer box. It includes beers from Kloosterbrouwerij Haagsche Broeder, EIBER Bier, Brouwerij de Schuit, Brouwerij Scheveningen, Roestig Blond, Brouwerij Kwartje, Grote Markt, Den Haag, and Kompaan Bier. Ready to order and say cheers? Click here!
  • MKB Nederland – Corona safety in the office (in Dutch)
    How to deal with the corona virus guidelines within your company and how do things work in relation to law? This page also provides checklist for risk management.
  • Humanity Hub – Corona First Aid Kit for the peace & justice ecosystem
    An overview of information on health & safety measures, well-being, remote work, business continuity, the Humanity Hub community and international resources.
  • TechLeap – Corona startup support portal
    This portal centralizes all relevant resources, corporate services and support initiatives for startups in one platform.
  • Rabobank – Cooperative Fund – Foundations, associations and social initiatives (in Dutch)
    Associations, foundations and social initiatives can apply for an appeal to the Fund via the digital application form at the bottom of the page. The applicant substantiates in concrete terms what threatens to cause continuity problems, for example due to the loss of an important event or activity, including a simple calculation of the financial consequences. An application may also be submitted by the aforementioned parties for a project or activity that is directly related to the consequences of the corona crisis.
  • Small Corona Help
    Foundations and associations from all over the Netherlands that focus on the most vulnerable in society can receive support of up to € 2,500. Initiatives should focus on loneliness, the homeless or food supply.
  • Fonds 1818 – Foundations & associations support
    Foundations and associations in need of direct financial support for corona initiatives, can get in touch with Fonds 1818. You need to be located in the region of Delft, Den Haag, Duin- & Bollenstreek, Leiden, Westland, Zoetermeer and intermediate municipalities.
  • HortiHeroes & WorldHortiCenter – Fresh Food challenge
    A lot of fresh food currently isn’t being used due to the closure of restaurants, cancellation of festivals and events and so on. HortiHeroes & WorldHortiCenter, together with partners, are challenging you to provide solutions for all the unsold products and making sure they are not going to waste!
  • Resilient Society
    To create new urgent and long term solutions for the Covid-19 crisis we started to build this international co-creation platform with Dutch Universities, many international operating companies and governments. Find solutions or resources here, start new projects together.
  • Elrha – Funding research to support COVID-19 response in humanitarian setting
    Elrha is launching an urgent funding call for research proposals to support the COVID-19 response in humanitarian settings. Proposals addressing any of the following topics will be eligible, innovative solutions that help, 1) support existing health care delivery, 2) predict outbreaks, 3) social science behavioral research, 4) co-ordination and sharing (full Call Guidelines and criteria can be found here). Next round of submissions will be reviewed on May 4th.
  • Global Giving – Corona virus relief fund
    GlobalGiving is supporting 100 initiatives around the world who focus on providing immediate help in vulnerable communities. As the situation evolves, focus will move to support long-term recovery and education.
  • BlackBear – Connecting challenges to solvers
    BlackBear offers companies the opportunity to post their challenges that are a result of the current situation to use their platform for free. Through this, you can connect with their 2500+ young talents to help you.
  • DOEN Participaties – Keeping to our mission
    In accordance with their mission, DOEN Participatiens will continue to support pioneers in the crucial work: realizing more green, socially inclusive and creative societies worldwide. The means they will continue to review new applications for funding through their website. It might take a little longer than usual to hear back but rest assure that they will get back to you!
  • Euclid Network – Specific measures to support social enterprises
    Euclid Network is calling for specific measures to support social enterprises. For this, they provide support to members and interested (government) organizations to share information, knowledge and best practices.
  • Red Cross – Ready2Help network
    The Red Cross Ready2Help network is a civilian network across the Netherlands. They take action to inform most vulnerable people how to protect themselves against the corona virus. They distribute flyers in a number of visible places in your area, offer to do your shopping and check whether your old neighbor still has enough medicines at home. People with a limited social network now need extra help. Do you also want to help? Click the title link of this paragraph.
  • Oxfam Novib
    The corona crisis affects us all.
     The consequences for poor countries are almost incalculable. Billions of people do not have access to clean water and health care. That is why Oxfam Novib is working together with local partners to support vulnerable people in hygiene knowledge and materials and education.