Elemental Water Makers – Changing the Game at GES 2019

Between the 3-5 June 2019, the Netherlands and the United States will together co-host the 9th Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Held in the city of The Hague, over 2,000 of most creative thinkers in the world will join forces to share their innovative solutions to our most pressing global challenges. Ensuring we have enough fresh water is one of those challenges. It is one of our most precious resources. There’s no life without it.

What’s it all about?

Introducing Elemental Water Makers, the Dutch startup, based in The Hague. Nominated as a 2019 finalist to become a new Dutch National Icon they have set out to change the game. Already four billion people face water scarcity today, and the key to moving from scarcity to abundance lies in the sea. Traditionally desalination uses a great deal of fossil energy and is a nightmare to maintain but not anymore. As a global yet flexible organisation, Elemental Water Makers collaborate with civil work partners, architects, developers, suppliers and contractors, working together to find the optimum form of collaboration and methods of financing. Elemental Water Makers provides efficient and easy reverse osmosis technology, powered only by the sun, wind, waves or your energy. This means access to reliable, clean water that’s affordable. With Elemental Water Makers, a self-sufficient future by solar desalination has arrived.

Sid Vollebregt, Managing Director of the organisation, finds the city of The Hague the perfect place for Elemental Water Makers, “being in the water industry and having the beach on your doorstep is perfect both from a professional and personal point of view”. With the summit just around the corner, Elemental Water Makers “are looking forward to presenting our specific desalination solution with a wide range of partners, investors and end users during the summit, it is essential that water desalination stands high up on the agenda. After the summit, we want to look back at these connections alongside the tangible implementation of projects”.