Euclid Network joins forces with ImpactFest!

Just a few weeks till ImpactFest! On November 5th, Europe’s biggest impact meetup will take place in The Hague. One of ImpactFest’s partners is Euclid Network (EN). Find out why they teamed up with ImpactFest and what you can expect from EN during the event.

EN recently moved their office from the UK to Apollo 14. With their new base in the heart of ImpactCity – The Hague, EN’s focus is on accelerating support for social entrepreneurs and impact driven leaders to create profitable businesses with impact.

What motivated EN to partner up with ImpactFest?

Having visited ImpactFest the previous years, we got inspired by the crowd and the impact related contacts that we developed there. We immediately figured out that most of our programmes at Euclid Network are targeted to this audience. Deciding to team up was a natural step. After all, Euclid Network and ImpactFest have the same mission: to foster an ecosystem where impact-driven leaders and organisations can get access to success stories, funding and connections.

What will EN bring to the table for the visitors of ImpactFest?

This year Euclid Network will contribute to the agenda in multiple ways:

How to Break into International Markets is a meetup aimed at social entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who look into selling their products/services abroad. By featuring top-notch social entrepreneurs and business experts from across Europe, participants will get exposure to success stories on how to best reach out to international markets and scale impact abroad.

Growing Ecosystems for Social Impact: The Role of Regions and Cities is an interactive meetup aimed at public officials from local governments. At this meetup about 30 selected public officials from all over Europe will work together in small groups to share best practices on social enterprise policy and identify how to improve their local ecosystem for social impact. Particular focus will be put on innovative forms of finance for social entrepreneurs.

Most importantly, keep an eye on our Euclid Network team! We bring over 10 years of experience in building connections and networks between impact-driven leaders, NGOs and the social enterprise movement across Europe. We are eager to share stories and lessons learned from various countries on working with the EU, hands-on experience in accessing EU and international funding and creating synergies between complex organisations. Simply put, the entire EN team will be around to meetup and answer questions.

Who do you hope to meet and connect with during ImpactFest?

We’re hoping to meet inspiring, successful social entrepreneurs who are at various stages of developing their business as well as key stakeholders from social entrepreneur sectors abroad. Also, ImpactFest is the first event we attend as partners since our move to the Netherlands. It is a great opportunity to get to know more organisations and SME ecosystems that share our mission and values and are eager to team up. We aim to foster and strengthen relationships with partners based in large and smaller cities throughout the Netherlands.

Europe’s Largest Impact Meetup

Driven by the motto ‘doing good & doing business’, more than 1000 impact-makers from around the world will join forces during the 4th edition of ImpactFest at the Fokker Terminal in The Hague. Here, they will show innovations that can make the world a better place. ImpactFest will once again demonstrate that social impact and economic success can go hand in hand.