Airlab stacking challenge

Are you ready to deep dive into coding for robotics in retail? Then we are looking for you. Apply for the AIRLab Stacking Challenge and join one of the world’s largest retail groups in its research into robotics. 

Robotic research on an academic level is focused on specific domains such as human-robot interfaces, mobility, manipulation, programming, and sensors. However, application of this generated knowledge can only be done by combining it for a general purpose. At AIRLab we put this into practice by combining the different research domains of robotics and build knowledge on the intersection of retail, AI and robotics.

AIRLab is always actively monitoring and researching in the field of robotics to see what the future has to bring and contribute to our mission: Redefine retail through technology. We believe that technology can assist associates in the future, making their daily jobs more enjoyable and sustainable.

We’d like you to join us on this mission! To drive the field of robotics research forward, we are organizing the AIRLab Stacking challenge. Within the AIRLab Stacking Challenge students and research teams from all over the world are invited to join us on our research on retail and robotics.