Den Haag

Big Improvement Day

Government, business and knowledge institutions meet on the most positive day of the year.

The Big Improvement Day (BID) was set up in 2008 based on the need to highlight and further develop positive developments in the Netherlands. Since then, the top of the Dutch government and business meet every year on the third Tuesday of January for the most positive day of the year.

During the BID the finale of the Hague Innovators Challenge will take place. The Hague Innovators Challenge is an annual ImpactCity challenge in which the municipality of The Hague challenges startups, scale-ups and students to present innovative ideas on global social issues, as described in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Winners of the challenge receive a cash prize with which they can finance their pilot or prototype. The prizes are: € 10,000 for the best student idea, € 15,000 for the best startup idea and € 25,000 for the best scale-up idea.

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