Online event

Building climate resilience in food systems – the role of ecosystem-based solutions

The African Climate Week 2021 virtual thematic sessions take the pulse of climate action in the region, explore climate challenges and opportunities, and showcase ambitious solutions. These sessions focus on priorities identified earlier in the year at the Virtual Regional Roundtables and the outcomes will be carried forward to the Ministerial Sessions later this year. This is an opportunity for regional stakeholders to have their voices heard and contribute to COP 26.

Under the overall theme of “Integrated approaches for climate-resilient development,” UNEP/GAN is organizing a session on “Building climate resilience in food systems: the role of ecosystem-based solutions.”

The session will focus on the role of ecosystem-based approaches (EbA) in building climate-resilient food systems. The session will help understand how EbA can assist with increasing the health of ecosystems and at the same time food production and thereby help achieve food security in the region through resilient food systems. The session will also showcase successful innovative solutions in this area, and discuss what is needed to scale up this work in the region, as well as how to channel this knowledge into international discussions such as COP26.