Online event

Placemaking for sustainable transition at the street-level

Do you think more emphasis should be put on creating streets for people and not cars?
Are you wondering how experimental placemaking initiatives can become permanent?

Join in on 1 June at 17.00 – 18.30 CEST to discuss how tactical urbanism, notably street-level experiments and placemaking, can lead to systemic sustainable transition at the city level. With COVID-19 serving as both an accelerator and a barrier to placemaking and conviviality, we will examine some of the positive and negative aspects of the pandemic when it comes to street-level change. Experts from the field will come together to discuss the enablers and barriers to sustainable street transformation and look at how such initiatives can be upscaled.

Luca Bertolini, Professor at the University of Amsterdam
Anna Bradley, Researcher & Project Manager at STIPO and Placemaking Europe
Julia Jarass, Researcher at the German Institute for Transport Research
Lior Steinberg, Founder of Humankind
Roland Krebs, SuperwienModerators: Bahanur Nasya, Eutropian & Livia del Conte, EUKN