Finale Hague Innovators Challenge 2021

Watch the pitches of the finalists of the Hague Innovators Challenge 2021 and the award ceremony via a live stream on Thursday 8 July.

Program July 8
13:30 – 14:30 CET – pitches Hague Innovators Challenge 2021
17:10 – 17:30 CET – award ceremony Hague Innovators Challenge 2021

Link to our livestream

Three prizes are available for the eventual winners: the pre-startup prize of € 10,000, the startup prize of € 25,000, and the public prize of € 5,000.

The finalists in the pre-startups category are:

  • Scootbezorgd: a social and sustainable delivery service done by people on scoot mobiles or electric wheelchairs.
  • Sustanix: a pre-startup that provides customized turnkey biodegradable plastic solutions for your business by replacing all single-use plastic items with biodegradable alternatives.
  • Invisible Foods: with their “Invisible Food Manager”, they aggregate and predict food loss, support companies in creating new upcycled products, and reward efforts to reduce food waste with a data-driven certificate.

The finalists in the startups category are:

  • Iron Roots: sportswear made of sustainable fabrics.
  • Odd.Bottheir ‘Weed Whacker’ robot provides a higher yield with less manual labour and contributes to less use of herbicides and in particular glyphosate.
  • Trust Stampthey deliver trusted identity systems at the heart of how organizations and individuals transact in the connected world and beyond.
  • ByeWaste:this app is the simplest solution to give a second life to the clutter around you.

Curious about the stories of the entrepreneurs? Watch the videos of the finalists on our YouTube channel.