Apollo 14, Den Haag


ImpactCity together with partner Hack The Planet invite you to a free side-event of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in The Hague, where you can learn more about the financing landscape for impact startups as well as the latest and greatest in tech innovation.

The breakouts about access to finance are led by partners: RVO, UNIIQ, Rabobank, WeShare, Euclid Network and EY. The inspirational tech talks are led by Hack The Planet.

Combining key insights on funding with inspirational talks for startups, Financing | Brilliant Solutions offers both. Learn about impactful ideas and stories, pitfalls to avoid, new technologies, what investors are looking for and funding opportunities. Connect to impact founders, ambitious engineers, funders, corporate innovators and policymakers.

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At Financing | Brilliant Solutions, the impact ecosystem meets up the day prior to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES); an ideal opportunity for impact startups and scaleups to meet investors, tech thought leaders and the international community of visitors to the GES.


14:00-14:30h: Opening – Financing | Brilliant Solutions
14:40-17:00h: Breakouts & tech talks
17:00-18:00h: Drinks
19:00-21:30h: Live stream of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2019


WeShare: A Breakthrough in Funding Impact Innovation (Round, 1, 2 and 3)
With the goal of promoting impact and helping innovators achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, We Share provides patient capital (long term loans with low interest) and fortifies our startups and students with our decades of expertise and networks.

Rabobank: How to Solve your Financial Challenges after Starting your Business? (Round 1, 2 and 3)
Rabobank helps you get the most out of yourself and your company. During the breakout session, we’ll pay attention to every next step after starting your company and the financial challenges you’ll face.

RVO: How the Dutch Government Supports your Innovation (Round 1, 2 and 3)
Always wanted to know how the Dutch government supports your technical or clinical development?
Early stage funding, Innovation Credit, tax reduction for R&D projects and Seed capital are just a few examples of how we stimulate new and disruptive ideas.

UNIIQ: Financing Brilliant Solutions “The UNIIQ Way” (Round 1 and 2)
UNIIQ helps entrepreneurs in South Holland to bring their unique innovation faster to the market. This session is about understanding VC’s and how they are looking at your unique proposition.

Euclid Network: Is the EU Financing your Brilliant Solutions? (Round 1, 2 and 3)
Did you know that the European Union has money available for you and your social enterprise? In a 45-minute crash course on EU funding Euclid Network teaches you some simple tools to better navigate your way through Brussel’s bureaucracy and channel some of the available money in your direction.

EY 1: Prognosis: Without insights into your financial situation, no success! (Round 1)
What tax and accounting challenges do you need to deal with as an entrepreneur before you become successful? With the EYnovation program, EY has guided many startups and scale-ups in their exciting road to grow. We would love to share our experience with you.’

EY 2: Grants for Brilliant Startups (Round 2)
How can you leverage grants and incentives successfully? As a start-up, grant funding is crucial to overcome challenges in the early growth phases. Private equity of loans might require proof of principle or tangible market traction – making such financial incentives challenging to obtain. Public grant funding might help here and a wide variety of programs are available for you to take advantage of. However, where do you start? What do you need and what are the common pitfalls? How can you ensure that your brilliant ideas and concepts stand out among the large competition for funding? EY grants and incentives expert Gerben Wedekind will assist you in navigating the grants and incentives landscape – putting you on track for future success!

EY 3: Negotiations with investors, term sheets and participation agreements further explained. (Round 3)
In this session, negotiations with investors are discussed from a legal perspective. What do all those legal terms in term sheets and participation agreements of investors actually mean and to which parts of these agreements should you really pay attention? We are happy to share our tips & tricks which you can use in negotiations with investors.

Hack the Planet: When Technology meets Empathy (Round 1)
Tim van Deursen of Hack the Planet. How can innovative technology make a difference in humanitarian challenges? The documentary “Meet the Soldier” sends soldiers of rivaling tribes in Karamoja, Uganda, on a virtual reality visit to their enemies. Bridging the gulf of hostility, virtual reality is able to create understanding, empathy and eventually reconciliation.

Hack the Planet: The Children Elderly are the Future (Round 1)
Yahya Algehaili of Hack The Planet. How can virtual reality support the ever-increasing elderly population – and other vulnerable people – with one of their major struggles: loneliness and social fear.

Micrio: Interactive narratives: shaping the future of online storytelling (Round 2)
Marcel Duin of Micrio. Interactive storytelling isn’t new. But as the digital age progresses, its future is becoming brighter and brighter. New technologies allow for the audience to have an increased level of emotional engagement. The audience of interactive online narratives consists no longer of passive spectators, but of participants creating new stories. In his talk, Micrio founder Marcel will not only show some prominent examples of web projects using this mechanism but also share his insights how engulfing interactive web experiences can ignite both new business models, new partnerships and ways to reach a broader audience.

Marvy: How we’re getting voice UI wrong (Round 2)
Sahan Aydin of Marvy. In our fever rush into voice, the next touchpoint frontier, we’re making the same mistakes brands made in the early 90s on the web. The good news is that a single key insight can make voice applications massively better reflect – and become – your brand.

Q42: Beyond the hype: Lessons learned building blockchain based software (Round 3)
Korjan van Wieringen of Q42. Blockchain is the best thing since sliced bread. Better than the wheel and the wall. But why? And how does it work? Together with a number of local governments, we created a working blockchain application that supports a decentralized and transparent organization of maintenance work in the public space. We will talk about why blockchain will change the role of the government and share the challenges and lessons learned to create the prototype.

Hack the Planet: Hack the Poacher (Round 3)
Tim van Deursen of Hack the Planet. How to make advanced technology accessible for nonprofits? In this session, we talk about our novel concept of detecting poachers in Zambia, why we do it and how it is (technically) done.

Location: Apollo 14, Saturnusstraat 14, 2516 AH Den Haag
Side-event of Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2019