Online Event

Financing impact – discussing the next steps in light of the Dutch elections

Opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers to build a sustainable future.

What crucial actions must entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers take in the coming years to build a thriving impact economy and achieve the global Sustainable Development Goals? Locally, how will the results from the recent Dutch parliamentary election influence the work that needs to be done—and potentially help unlock opportunities?

Join us for an energetic discussion with Laure Wessemius-Chibrac of Stichting Netherland Advisory Board on impact investing (NAB), Michel Scholte – Minister of the New Economy (by MVO Nederland) and serial entrepreneur (Impact Institute & True Price), and Coos Santing – Program manager ImpactCity, Municipality of The Hague. 

The session is moderated by Jessica Pottering.

Please RSVP via this link.