The Hague Humanity Hub

Fundraising Training with Fonds 1818

Do you have plans for a good project but not the financial means to make it happen? In The Netherlands there are many foundations that can help with money, knowledge and a network. You may have heard of the big ones but there are hundreds of smaller foundations all with their specific focus areas.

During this introduction into fundraising for NGO’s in The Netherlands you learn about the different types of foundations, where to find them, how they can help you and how to apply for a grant. Whether you apply for a grant at an endowed foundation or charity, a subsidy at a municipality or a sponsorship by a company – it all starts with a good plan and getting your story straight. This event series on access to funding is organized in collaboration with The Hague Business Agency.

Corien Bosch is head of communications and supports grantees at Fonds 1818, an endowed foundation that supports social projects in the The Hague area.

Please note: this training session is focused on fundraising for NGOs in the Netherlands, including on proposal writing for grants from local organisations or government institutions.