Online event

Global Social Economy Forum 2021

Local Governments and Social Economy: co-creation of paths for a green and inclusive economy

Local governments play an essential role in creating ecosystems based on a more green, inclusive and sustainable economy, through a new architecture that allows, together with communities, to respond to current crises, in order to ensure equal opportunities, the protection of the environment, promote access to decent work, support social entrepreneurship and stimulate the economic proximity of local products and companies. Likewise, private, social and academic sectors are also fundamental actors for these purposes and through their practices, they determine the new post-pandemic paths in order to strengthen the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in collaboration with governments.

Build and rebuild an inclusive community
Education, learning and research for Social and Solidarity Economy
Contribution to an ecological transformation from SSE
Promote diverse and innovative mechanisms of social finance
Develop the territorial and international alliances