The Hague Tech

Hackathon for Good

The Municipality of The Hague invites you to hack for Peace, Justice and Security. Use your skills to help organisations such as NATO, the International Criminal Court and the Red Cross to solve real world problems. Work with teams to understand interesting data sets and build solutions for global challenges.

Calling all developers, data scientists, AI and ML experts, business developers, geo-informatics, legal professionals, other techies and do-good’ers! Make actual impact with your work and compete for great prize money at the same time.

Come to the Hague for the Hackathon for Peace, Justice and Security on the weekend of 17 and 18 November. You and your team can be helping:

  • – The International Criminal Court to analyse enormous quantities of evidence
  • – NATO (NCIA) to identify propaganda
  • – Asser Institute to warn communities of vulnerability to land grabbing
  • – Red Cross to measure damage and impact after a disaster
  • – World Vision to predict and automate when humanitarian aid is released

1st prize €10.000 ** 2nd prize €5000 ** 3rd prize €2500

For more information about the challenges, partners and to register to participate, please visit www.hackathonforgood.org