The Hague Humanity Hub

Hague Hacks Festival 2019 – Set free!

The Hague Hacks Festival multidisciplinary idea-creating event to brainstorm tech solutions to human rights challenges. Funded by ImpactCity

At The Hague Hacks Festival, we bring together tech experts, software developers, designers, engineers, etc., as well as H.R.D.s and diaspora members together. This plurality of perspectives enriches the problem-solving process and leads to innovative new tech ideas for human rights advocacy. We believe that these connections and ideas would never have occurred outside of our Festival Ideation sessions, and that is why our goal is to be that bridge between the worlds of peace and technology.

This year’s theme for the Festival is Set Free: Tech to Empower Human Rights and Freedoms. We will be focusing on four challenges to human rights and freedoms: Political Participation (Nicaragua), Gender Inequality (Bangladesh), Peace Education (Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Turkey/Kurdistan, North Korea), and Right to Expression and Association (Hong Kong).