Haagse Lobby, Stadhuis Den Haag

Impact on Stage with Juuve & Thuisafgehaald

January 17th, the second edition of Impact on Stage takes place, a series of inspiration sessions including drinks and light meals where each time 2 socially inspired entrepreneurs talk about a specific topic. With Impact on Stage, Social Club The Hague provides other ways of thinking and we share lessons from practice. Result: lots of inspiration, new insights and nice conversations with like-minded people!

We are proud of our speakers Thuisafgehaald en Juuve!

Thuisafgehaald- Stéphanie van Gerven

Social enterprise Thuisafgehaald connects people with each other by means of food. Via Thuisafgehaald you can share meals with your neighbors in the Netherlands. You enjoy each other’s cooking skills and immediately get to know your neighbor. Simple and tasty! At home, home cooks also come into contact with vulnerable target groups and ensure that they receive delicious and healthy food on a regular basis – simply by means of a subscription. Stéphanie van Gerven will tell us about how they have managed their beautiful mission by translating to a successful company and how it is possible that their online platform has become so big …

Juuve – Niki Sie

In Rotterdam, Niki Sie is building the national car-sharing platform Juuve, in order to minimize the negative impact of cars to the environment and the living space in the city. Only owners of economical cars and electric models are allowed to offer their cars. In the future Juuve wants cars to literally contribute to the environment. How he wants to do that, he likes to tell you during Impact on Stage …. Niki is seen by the FD as one of the 50 sustainable talents. We understand why: his story and vision are really very innovative and inspiring!

Will you be there?

Cost: free for members, 15 euros for non-members

Reception from 4:30 pm,

Start program: 17: 00h.

Network drinks: 18: 30h-19: 30h.