Online training

Market Readiness Training

The Market Readiness Training is the ideal opportunity to make progress on getting your business ready to be launched in the market, in a short time. The intensive, expert-led tutorials are designed to equip you with the skills of refining your enterprise. In parallel, you will be applying the knowledge you gathered to your own business model, thus getting ready to figure in the market.

Is this for me?
Are you willing to get ready to enter the market, irrespective of it being for validation, piloting, launching customers or sales? Would you like to dive deeper into the processes of understanding the needs and wants of your clients? Do you want to strengthen your communications and strategic skill sets so that you get your desired outcomes? Then the Market Readiness Training is for you!

What you will get

  • A three-week period of trainings guided by business and communication experts
  • The opportunity to connect with other founders and learn from your peers
  • A deliverables-focused approach, in which the ratio between the information received and putting it into practice would be 1 to 3
  • By the end of the training, you will have explored and completed all the necessary steps for a successful market entry

Practical information
The training consists of 21 modules within a 3 week period. The next edition is scheduled from October 4th to 22nd. The training is 100% online, using online tools and templates to facilitate your learning and development. The trainers are all experienced entrepreneurs themselves. The application deadline for the October 2021 edition of the Market Readiness Training is September 26th.