The Hague Humanity Hub

Masterclass – Basic principles of Fundraising with John Marks

After the success of the Masterclass- Basic Principles of Social Entrepreneurship in July, the Hague Humanity Hub and ImpactCity cordially invite you back for a workshop on the Basic Principles of Fundraising with John Marks.

John Marks is a social entrepreneur who founded Search for Common Ground and headed it for 32 years. Together with Susan Collin Marks, his wife and SFCG’s former Executive Vice President, he developed it into the largest peacebuilding NGO in the world with 600 staff members and offices in 35 countries. The organization has been nominated for the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize. During his 32 years with Search, John raised – or supervised the raising of – more than € 300 million. On October 24 at The Hague Humanity Hub, John will lead an interactive workshop in which he describes the basic operating principles that he has found underlie successful fundraising.

The workshop will provide a practical framework for securing funds to support social enterprises, starting from vision and moving into effective action. The ideas presented will draw from John’s extensive experience, as well as from the wisdom of participants. The goal will be to lead participants through the possibilities that abound when they grasp their inner potential to make a difference and to carry out the work that the world so badly needs.

This workshop is designed for professionals, social entrepreneurs, startups, as well as students active or interested in the field of peacebuilding.

At this workshop you will:

  • – Understand the basic operating principles of successful fundraising
  • – Learn about the financial challenges of building a global enterprise
  • – Network with a community of innovators in the fields of peace, justice and humanitarian action

Get inspired by one of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs

This event will be followed by networking drinks with the first drink on the house.

The workshop will take place at The Hague Humanity Hub, a community of innovators in peace, justice, and humanitarian action.