Fokker Terminal Den Haag

MKB Growth Event The Hague 2018

On Tuesday September 4th, The MKB Growth Event The Hague will be organized in the Fokker Terminal in The Hague. During the event, the city of The Hague welcomes SME entrepreneurs from The Hague who want to discover and exploit new growth opportunities. ImpactCity entrepreneurs should of course not be missing here!

It promises to be an inspiring event, with a lot of interaction and opportunities for networking. Elles de Bruin, known from radio and television, will present the event.

In addition, keynote speaker Mireille Geijsen, Founder of I-Did from The Hague, will tell you more about circular production.

The Hague entrepreneurs and business clubs will present themselves on the network market and during the networking drinks there is time to network and make new contacts.

You can participate in three different network tables and / or workshops. 22 network tables and 3 workshops are offered with the following themes:

Network tables:

1. How do you grow as an entrepreneur ?: Personal growth
2. How do you grow as an entrepreneur ?: Growth through networks
3. How do you grow as an entrepreneur ?: Growth through Social media
4. Acquisition
5. Sustainability / circular entrepreneurship
6. Energy transition: what does that mean for my company?
7. International Entrepreneurship
8. Successfully doing business in Germany
9. Attract, develop and retain talent for the Hague region
10. Impactful entrepreneurship – How do you do that?
11. Cyber security for SMEs
12. Financing
13. Digital Video Marketing
14. Online Success with Internet Marketing
15. Purchasing and tendering; Doing business with the municipality of The Hague
16. People
17. Operation, Management and Execution
18. How do I get personnel (inclusion, diversity)
19. Starters: what do I have to think about when I want to start a business!
20. Sustainable Employability and Inclusive Entrepreneurship
21. What does the Economic Board do for you!
22. An innovative way to look at your own and new staff


1. Social Involvement on a silver platter
2. Media training
3. Better Business for Children