Paardcafé, Den Haag

NEW BEST FRIENDS # 3. With The Hague Tech & World Startup Factory

Friends, neighbors, entrepreneurs, explorers, thinkers, improvers, music lovers and adventurers! Do you know that feeling, that click, that connection that can bring about a new encounter? That undefined feeling that something beautiful is about to happen? That the ideas begin to flow naturally? As in the film Casablanca, Rick Blain told Louis Renault the historical words “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”, we believe that music has a connecting force to bring people together.

That is why we see a role for Paard in bringing people, companies and good ideas together and thus contributing to the world around us. We do not like the network drinks, but we do know that experiencing a really good live show brings people closer together; in Paard we regularly see new friendships and beautiful plans from such evenings.

Let’s connect!

With this in mind, we ask startups and innovators to participate on November 20th in the third edition of NEW BEST FRIENDS, an informal matchmaking event of Paard in which we have a varied mix of local startups, established companies and governments, bringing parties into contact with each other. And this should be accompanied by some rock’n’roll and a beer. Because music is in the DNA of the city.


Are you part of a startup, a scale-up or do you have an elaborate innovative idea that contributes to a better world around us? Maybe you can join this third edition of New Best Friends and make those necessary connections.

We are choosy in our invitations and only invite parties with whom we feel a click and who, like us, give great importance to sustainability, social cohesion and social improvements. NEW BEST FRIENDS in this way facilitates inspiring encounters that are interesting for business and that at the same time contribute to a better world around us.

Those attending New Best Friends are established (inter) national companies, various knowledge centers, municipal representatives, sponsors, local SMEs, tech mentors, entrepreneurs and of course different Startups and Scale-ups. The majority goes by invitation, but there are also a number of places available for free registration.

Do you think you should be present at this meeting?

Click on the button below and register via the Paard website.