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New Business Summit

On February 7, the 4th edition of New Business Summit, where innovative startups validate their business with 300 important actors in the ecosystem.

Demo days are great for accelerators – it’s a chance to fill a huge room with a diversely large audience with a setting that’s perfect for pictures and PR. However, the added value is left to the numbers game i.e a lot may come of it for the startups or maybe not. With New Business Summit, we’re out to set the record straight by creating an afternoon that’s truly useful for the startup ecosystem. Instead of filling large rooms, we have select people who can help and be helped by the startups sitting at a table with them to have a discussion. What actions can we together take to validate future proof business transformations? World Startup Factory and partners welcome you to join us to find some answers!

Why should we all spend this afternoon together? As a Startup: Find out what your counterparts are working on. Get feedback on your investor and client readiness from real world investors and corporates. Explore opportunities to work together with other startups.