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New Business Summit

World Startup Factory and partners welcome you to the 4th edition of New Business Summit, on February 7, where innovative startups validate their business with important actors in the ecosystem.

This event is a realization of our belief that in order to solve pressing societal problems most effectively, businesses today need to stem from an alignment of efforts amongst entrepreneurs, corporates, investors, SMEs, research institutions and governments. A startup needs a village to be successful and this is what we’ll be working toward by facilitating this synergy. What actions can we together take to validate future proof business transformations?

On this day, World Startup Factory’s portfolio startups and some handpicked startups from our partners at Startup in Residence programs will invite you to become part of their validation process. For example: They might want to test their idea of a pivot with you or pick your brain on a new market segment they’re looking to enter or maybe some open questions about their next steps. We will also host some invite only matchmaking sessions for pre-selected startups, investors and corporates – with our Investor Lounge and Partnership Lounge. We encourage the startups to be vulnerable, the attendees to be constructive in their feedback and be open to help others gathered this afternoon in a small or big scale.