Online event

Online UNconference Yes!Delft

UNconference is an event hosted by Yes!Delft where tech startup founders can effectively build valuable connections with peers in an intimate setting, and share challenges and successes with the wider startup community to speed up their learning progress.

The UNconference is made up of a set of short, targeted parallel running sessions, which are hosted by the participants themselves and are scheduled together at the event. When an overview of the topics is made, participants can choose the sessions they would like to join, to either share their experience or because they are facing the same or a similar challenge and would like to get more insights into this topic.

The UNconference is a peer event for founders, so please feel free to invite tech founders from your network to join as well. Yes!Delft also invites special ambassadors to attend the event – people who have walked the walk and want to share interesting stories and their experiences.