Apollo 14, Den Haag

Open Meetup Startlean Funding

In the impact startup building Apollo 14, we support innovative entrepreneurs in various ways. An important part is networking. Meeting new contacts that you can do something with. Startlean Funding, entrepreneur in Apollo 14 organizes an open meetup to help you with this. Come to the ‘Open Meetup’ and meet startups, entrepreneurs and students who innovate for a better world.

What to expect:

  • The people behind Fuckup Nights present their own fuckup (s).
  • The people behind Ninjafy.me show how you can make work Awesome again.
  • Ntrepreneur talks about what they do to stimulate entrepreneurship in education.
  • StartLean Funding shows how you can raise funding for small local and large international initiatives such as The Ocean Cleanup.

Great way to get new contacts and valuable lessons from fuck up to success, from education to corporate organization and from start to (crowd) funding.

Registration is not necessary. We look forward to seeing you at Apollo 14

Saturnusstraat 14, The Hague