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Research InSightS LIVE Episode 1 – Climate Change – A story of seduction and destruction

In the run-up to World Environment Day on 5 June 2021, the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) invites you to the first episode of Research InSightS LIVE. Join us to soak up cutting-edge insights by researchers and other critical thinkers and ask them your burning questions. During the event we will have all eyes on the topic of climate and environment, drawing from research in the Amazon rainforest, the Caribbean, Central and East Asia as well as the city of The Hague. Join us to soak up cutting-edge insights by researchers and other critical thinkers and ask them your burning questions.

Together with presenter Lynn Zebeda, ISS researchers will reveal their eye-opening insights and share a story of high importance to us all. Through a set of interactive conversations, we will get a glimpse into the bigger picture of climate change and environmental degradation, weaving together stories of extraction, geopolitical shifts, justice-based approaches and unseen climate impact. After hearing from the different researchers, the event will end with a dialogue on the alternatives that must be explored.

This gathering will be ISS at its finest: critical, based on real-world insights and through a kaleidoscope of perspectives. Climate veteran or newbie, this topic is relevant for us all and you are welcome to join!

Guests in this episode:
Professor Murat Arsel – Professor of Political Economy of Sustainable Development – Learn more about how his research in the Amazon on using drones to identify areas of environmental pollution and destruction links to the research on Environment and Climate Change at ISS.
Dr Sylvia Bergh (TBC) – Associate Professor in Development Management and Governance – Learn more about her new research project investigating the effects of heatwaves on vulnerable populations in The Hague
Dr Daphina Misiedjan – Assistant Professor in Human Rights and the Environment – Find out how she uses law-based advocacy as a sword, shield and armour against environmental harm in this interview.
Dr Jojo Nem Singh – Assistant Professor in International Development – What are rare earth elements, and what do they have to do with China and with the transition towards green energy? – This interview has all the answers.
Dr Lorenzo Pellegrini – Associate Professor of Economics of Environment and Development – Learn more about how the ‘All Eyes on the Amazon’ project implements frugal, simple but advanced environmental monitoring systems in the Brazilian, Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon.
and others …

How and where
We will be broadcasting from the Pakhuis de Zwijger studios in Amsterdam. You will be able to join and interact via Zoom.

The broadcast is planned in such a way that guests from around the world will be able to join in (8:00 Peru time – 15:00 Netherlands time – 21:00 Philippines time on 3 June).