Online event

Route 2030 – how can we accelerate to achieve the SDGs?

Building Change, Global Compact Network Netherlands, MVO Nederland, Partos and SDG Netherlands, in collaboration with the national government, would like to invite you to the meeting “Route 2030: How can we accelerate to achieve the SDGs?” on Wednesday morning 19 May. During this meeting, two reports will be presented in the context of Accountability Day: Statistics Netherlands ‘Monitor Broad Prosperity and Sustainable Development Goals 2021’ and the fifth Dutch SDG report ‘The Netherlands Develops Sustainably’ from the national government.

The launch of these reports is a good opportunity to discuss the state of the implementation of the SDGs in and by the Netherlands. And more importantly: how we can accelerate together and with the government to achieve the goals by 2030.

After the presentations of the two reports, a discourse will take place between representatives from the business community, NGOs, the financial sector, youth organizations and members of parliament about themes focusing on which extra steps the Netherlands is going to take within the various sectors, namely: what extra steps put different sectors together to achieve the SDGs and what should the government do to speed up this process?

The purpose of the meeting is to gain insight into the goals that the Netherlands is lagging behind (partly in view of COVID-19) and what is needed to speed up this process. On this basis, the discussion will focus on what should be highlighted in the SDG Roadmap and how we can arrive at a meaningful translation of the global goals for the Dutch context.

The audience consists of approximately 1000 representatives from companies, the financial sector, NGOs, knowledge institutions, municipalities and youth organizations. Members of the press are also invited.

The event is going to be carried out in Dutch.

Moderator: Harm Edens



Presentation of reports “Monitor Broad Prosperity and the SDGs” and “The Netherlands Develops Sustainably”

  • Prof. Jan-Pieter Smits, statistical researcher at the Central Bureau of Statistics
  • Sandra Pellegrom, National Coordinator SDGs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Sectoral findings from the report ‘The Netherlands Develops Sustainably’

  • Linda van Beek, director at Global Compact Network Netherlands
  • Thyrza Zoons, board member of International Affairs at the National Youth Council

Discourse on acceleration to achieve the SDGs

  • Danielle Hirsch, Director at Both ENDS
  • Maria van der Heijden, director-director at Corporate Social Responsibility Netherlands
  • Maurice Knijnenburg, chairman of the National Youth Council