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Startup Afterworks is the perfect occasion to network and learn from experienced founders for anyone working at or with startups. We present a crispy interview with a seasoned entrepreneur, followed by Q&A and informal networking. For daredevils, we offer three two-minutes spots on our soapbox to spread their message during each Afterwork. Make them count!

Note: Dutch Program

Jasper Kool founder of Happy Tosti. The speaker for the day. A concept that stood out from what everybody else was doing and at the same time is giving back to the community.

Jasper Kool (28), founder of Happy Tosti, is a strong entrepreneur with a bachelor’s degree that is focused in hospitality, administration, and management, from the Hotelschool The Hague.

Together with Sam Holtus and Wibe Smulders they developed the Happy Tosti concept. With this concept, they focus on combining the social aspect of having employees with a minor disability, with a high-quality restaurant experience.

Happy Tosti is a social lunch restaurant, where Happy Heroes serve the tastiest sandwiches. The vision is based on the ambitious goal: “Creating 500 jobs for employees with an occupational disability, in 5 years time”.

Jasper will be interviewed by Thomas van Oortmerssen. Thomas is a Communication & PR Expert, Business Developer and Speaker. For years he worked at leading communication agencies for impactful tech clients like Uber, Taxify, Spotify, Fab.com, TicketSwap, Deliveroo and Dutch digital bank Bunq. He is skilled in building dynamic partnerships between people, companies, governments and the media. He uses his experience to help startups and scaleups in spreading their message and grow their business.

Doors at The Hague Tech open at 17:00, start programme at 17:15.

Afterworks is presented to you by World Startup Factory in collaboration with The Hague Tech proudly part of Impact City.