The Hague Humanity Hub

Startup In Residence information meeting

Are you a starting entrepreneur with innovative ideas for solutions to urban and social issues in The Hague? Give your startup a kick-start and join the municipality of The Hague in this challenge. Make your business a success and register for Startup in Residence before May 22nd.

The 10 challenges

We are looking for your innovative solution for:

  • 1. A way to reduce food waste at organized lunches;
  • 2. New products from parts of old, discarded computers and other electronic devices;
  • 3. An innovative and easy solution for paid parking;
  • 4. New ways to ensure that local entrepreneurs retain their customers at road closures;
  • 5. A smart system that monitors and manages heat pump installations;
  • 6. A system to accurately measure visitor numbers at free events in the city;
  • 7. Innovative smart combinations of people and technology solutions so people with physical or mental limitations can get back to work;
  • 8. An uber-like solution for transportation options for residents with disabilities;
  • 9. A digital and secure way to send voting documents making sure that citizens living abroad will receive their voting documents at all times;
  • 10. Make alternative ways of social return more a ractive to entrepreneurs

Come to the information meeting

Do you have questions about the issues of the third edition Startup in Residence? On Thursday April 26th, we organize an information meeting for interested parties. Location: The Hague Humanity Hub in The Hague from 15:00 to 17:00. Register now via the website of Eventbrite or send an email to startupinresidence@denhaag.nl.