Den Haag

The Impact Days

The three days of the year (21 to 23 November) during which the Netherlands discovers, celebrates and accelerates social entrepreneurship. During inspiring events throughout the country, all places are made visible where a sustainable and fair world is being built.

During The Impact Days, the focus is on entrepreneurs in the Netherlands who have made making a positive change for people and the planet their core. Rooted from their own region, many social entrepreneurs work on this mission. And that happens in more places than you think. During The Impact Days, everyone in their own neighbourhood, village or city can discover what social entrepreneurs give to our world.

During this national, large-scale event, The Hague will be entirely devoted to Social Entrepreneurship. For example, on Thursday, November 21, “Impact Lab” will take place; an innovative method in The Hague to help established social and / or circular entrepreneurs from other cities to open a branch in The Hague in the short term.

In addition, within the framework of Buy Social, a Buy Social Exhibition Floor will be opened, whereby supply and demand will be reunited during this interactive network meeting. On the trade floor Koop Sociaal, recognized social entrepreneurs present their company and the impact they make with the sale of their product or service. Contractors with a social return obligation, and buyers from companies and ministries, can talk to social entrepreneurs and close a deal on the spot this evening. The more matches there are, the more employment or learning workplaces this provides for people with a vulnerable position on the labor market.

Vrijdag, 22 november staat in het teken van professionalisering van sociaal ondernemers. Zo worden er onder andere interessante trainingen aangeboden door Resilient Den Haag en Onzichtbaar Den Haag (door het publiek verkozen tot ‘Meest inspirerende sociaal ondernemer Den Haag 2018’). Wat voor impact maak jij als sociaal ondernemer en hoe kan je deze impact vergroten? Welke concrete acties kan je uitvoeren om jouw zaak en de stad veerkrachtiger te maken en te houden? Vraagstukken als deze en vele anderen komen tijdens deze middag op interactieve wijze aan bod.

Friday, the 22nd of November is dominated by the professionalisation of social entrepreneurs. Among other things, interesting training courses are offered by Resilient The Hague and Invisible The Hague (voted ‘Most inspiring social entrepreneur The Hague 2018’ by the public). What kind of impact do you make as a social entrepreneur and how can you increase this impact? What specific actions can you take to make your business and the city more resilient? Issues like this and many others will be discussed in an interactive way during this afternoon.

On Saturday, November 23, the public will have the opportunity to become acquainted with a number of social entrepreneurs from The Hague working in the field of labor participation, the circular economy and innovation. Visitors get a special glimpse into the kitchen through city routes.

But of course we will not leave it at that; we call on every social entrepreneur with great enthusiasm to open the doors to the public during these days and to put our social entrepreneurship in The Hague on the map! Moreover, The Impact Days takes you as a participant in the communications and you thereby gain national exposure. To participate in The Impact Days as a social entrepreneur send an email to info@socialclubdenhaag.nl.

More information about the program of The Impact Days 2019 in The Hague can be found on www.theimpactdays.nl. Would you like to attend a training course or city route? You can! Sign up by sending an email to info@socialclubdenhaag.nl.