Online event

The many faces of User Experience Design

Talking with users to find their needs. Visualizing rough ideas and concepts into a clickable prototype. Fine-tuning a visual interface for a (pixel) perfect user experience. A UX Designer does all of it and more. It’s all part of the User Experience after all! Still, how do you use UX methods and expertise in the different phases of your project and process? We at Worth know all about the challenges of deploying the right ‘UX Experience’ at the right time.

During a 1.5 hour introduction to UX, we will tell you all about the wondrous world of User Experience Design, as well as give you tools to use immediately to boost the user-friendliness of your product or service and making that essential connection to your user.


Bob Wiebes, Design Lead at Worth System

Annemiek Bonnie, UX-designer at Worth System


Worth Systems and ImpactCity jointly offer you this training as part of their cooperation in the Startup Support Programme in ImpactCity’s impact hub Apollo 14.

Please fill in this form before the session, so the trainers get more insights into the problems you are facing and the stage of your business, allowing them to tailor the session to fit your needs.