Online event

Webinar ‘An impact of capital’

Traditionally, equity funds have separated their assets from their social mission, with the idea that by earning as much as it is possible, people can also give away more. The Social Finance NL report contains ten tips to help equity funds in their search for ways to make more impact. Why is that separation between financial and social profit still necessary if you can also invest in impact? We will discuss this issue during the free webinar, in collaboration with ImpactCity. Join Ruben Koekoek in conversation with experts from the FIN, EVPA, and DRK Foundation and listen to philanthropy expert Sharon Alpert who previously made the move towards impact investing as director of several major American equity funds.

Het programma:

15.30 Welcome by Ruben Koekoek, host en director of Social Finance NL

15.35 Introduction by Saskia Bruines, alderman Economy in Den Haag

15.40 Presentation rapport ‘an impact of capital’ door Lisa Jansen, Social Finance NL

15.50 Paneldiscussion with. Ruben Koekoek and:

Martijn Blom, lead Impact Funds Initiative & Benelux EVPA
Lisa Jordan, managing director DRK Foundation
Siep Wijsenbeek, director FIN

16.30 Interview about impact philantrophy with Sharon Alpert
16.45 Closing by Ruben Koekoek

Please note that this webinar is in Dutch. Only the interview with Sharon Alpert will be in English.