Elske van Gent

Today we start a new series of portraits: Faces of Impact City. In this series we ask impact makers in The Hague to express their vision on impact making. The first portrait: Elske van Gent from our partner New World Campus.


Impact City is an important part of the bigger picture : working toward a more sustainable society in which is being collaborated constructively to make the world a better place and to address (social) problems . In the city of The Hague, but also outside (trickle down effect ). As this is in line with the vision of New World Campus we are therefore partner of Impact City.

Impact for me is the outcome of a process in which a balanced , fundamental and sustainable change has been established for the good of the people and their environment , from individual to global, and everything in between. For instance sparkling initiatives as Impact City and the New World Campus fostering sustainable change!”