Giovanni Pazienza

In this series we ask impact makers in The Hague to express their vision on impact making. This week: Giovanni Pazienza

This week we would like to introduce you to Giovanni Pazienza from VanPaz: ‘Impact to me means improving people’s lives. My dream has always been to improve people’s lives with technology especially the most vulnerable like the elderly, children with special needs, and people with chronic diseases. The best way to achieve this dream was to found my company, VanPaz, where I can develop my own R&D. Together with my colleague Jan Geert, we also offer our expertise in business development and fundraising to other entrepreneurs in order to help them succeed in their projects as well. Impact City The Hague is the perfect initiative to collaborate with all relevant stakeholders in our field such as companies, NGOs, governments and universities. There are people who dream of changing the world and actually do so!’