Irene de Jong

‘Doing the right thing makes you feel good. Yet, big environmental problems or human rights issues can appear so overwhelming. There are days when I don’t want to read about destroyed rainforests and coral reefs or about the refugee crisis. But I believe we can all make small changes. Eat local food. Wear sustainable clothes or borrow them. Repair your oven instead of throwing it away. Or give to a homeless person.

That’s what I love about working at ASN Bank. We try to tackle these bigger problems by investing our clients’ money in projects and companies that e.g. don’t destroy nature and don’t support child labour. Right now we are cooperating with other financial institutions, research organizations and governments to make a positive impact with our investments on biodiversity. This is a whole new way of helping each other help nature and in the end ourselves. Working together with like-minded people and making a change makes me very happy.
So be true to yourself and make yourself happy. It changes the world.’

Irene de Jong, Advisor Sustainability; Climate & Biodiversity ASN Bank