Marlou Geurts

“Extreme weather is becoming more frequent, leading to more disasters with greater impact. These disasters are due to climate change but often also to the degradation of eco-systems, mostly impacting the poor living in disaster-prone regions. Yet, the poor are the ones who contribute least to these changes! I work for the ‘Partners for Resilience Alliance’ program. In this program, government, local organizations and NGOs collaborate to build the resilience of people living in disaster-prone regions. We want to ensure that (inter) national climate- and disaster risk reduction agreements are transformed into local action and that they take the poor into account. To be able to do so, we bring the voice of the poor to the (inter) national negotiation table. With their input we can convince governments to invest in local action plans so people can cope better with natural disasters.”

-Marlou Geurts, coordination officer ‘Partners for Resilience Alliance’ program, a strategic partnership between Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken Rode Kruis, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, Wetlands International, CARE Nederland, Cordaid and their local partners.