Mieke van Tilburg



In this series we ask impact makers in The Hague to express their vision on impact making. This week: Mieke van Tilburg

This week we would like to introduce you to Mieke van Tilburg from Cordaid: ‘To me making an impact is always about change. Structural change in the life of people. In my work for Cordaid (NGO), I try to make this change together with other Dutch foundations. For example, we advise and support the Dutch foundation Niketan, based in the The Hague area, with the production of a biodegradable diaper for disabled people in Bangladesh. In this way, we increase the quality of their lives and we create employment in Bangladesh. Collaboration and innovation are key in creating impact. We are always looking for new partners and ideas. Therefore, if you have an innovative idea, join the Cordaid Challenge (deadline 25/9)http://tinyurl.com/jsxngsp and visit the Cordaid Event on 13 October in The Hague to create impact together!’