Omar Munie

In the #facesofimpactcity series we ask impact makers in The Hague about their drive to make an impact. In this week’s #facesofimpactcity: Omar Munie.

‘I fled from civil war in Somalia at the age of nine. When arrived in the Netherlands I got the chance to make something of my life. My dream was to become a bag designer and I followed that dream. I am so grateful for the chance that I got, I want other refugees to get a similar opportunity so that they can use their talent! That’s why I launched the ‘Embrace Diversity’ initiative, to raise awareness to the added value of diversity in our society. For this initiative I designed the ‘Embracelet’. These are bracelets made from life vests that refugees wore on their journey to Lesbos. The profits generated by these bracelets go towards refugee projects in Lesbos and the Dutch Tulip foundation that provides refugees Dutch cultural orientation classes. The bracelets are made in my ‘Dream Factory’. At the ‘Dream Factory’ we only manufacture products that are exclusively made from recycled materials and we employ people who have poor job prospects. This way I hope to make a difference!’