FEMpreneurhulp #samensterk || Can we organize an event during COVID-19?

FEMpreneurhulp took the risk, in accordance with the RIVM rules: small and intimate with a social distance of 1.5 meters.

The reason for this was to give our mentees, mentors and the community the opportunity to meet each other after sharing many online moments together. The event as we envisioned was not what we had initially hoped for or even thought about when Marian Spier, Founder of FEM-Start and Sandra van der Pal Co-founder of FEMpreneurhulp in the height of the pandemic concocted in May from their virtual home office.

FEMpreneurhulp is an initiative of FEM-START that is committed to supporting, encouraging and enabling female entrepreneurs to excel in times of crisis and beyond.

Our mission was and will always be: make an impact first and foremost in yourself and then your surroundings. If you are your element and feeling good, you can help someone else thereby we are all #SamenSterk #Togetherwearestronger.

FEMpreneurhulp mentor network offers women the opportunity to get their challenge answered as an entrepreneur. This takes courage and vulnerability, not everyone is very good at that. But it is precisely in this day and age that it is all the more important to seek impartial advice from seasoned experts. This is discussed in one to three sessions with a mentor after your request online has been formulated succinctly and concisely.

It’s the end of August Summer break is over, everyone back in the country after holidays in the EU and the normal habits commence. Another peak in COVID-19 infections. What do we do now?

Thursday September 17 is around the corner what can we expect and how do we eliminate risks with the audience and handle registrations? Converting 186m2 gives space for a maximum of 35 people. We had to determine if there was still a need, and that was there so we continued with the event powered by ImpactCity. Babylon Hotel in The Hague was the chosen top location to host the event; great view, close to the station and a beautiful interior. It became a networking event with an elbow greet and a nibble & drink. Mentees shared their personal experiences and their learning moments. Mentor Ellen Tacoma, Board Member of Women on Wings shared her learning moments from an entrepreneurial perspective and her motivation to keep going despite everything. She does this with having a keen interest in everything she does and the people, continue to communicate with stakeholders and plan out various scenarios. She founded Women on Wings in 1997, which now provides jobs to 284,000 women in India. Connor Sattely, Chief ‘Helps Your CEO Keep Their Sanity’ Officer is a storyteller pur sang with a lot of knowledge about startups highs and lows, he knows that too well after having advised 100+ in his portfolio. His personal experience to keep floating is pivot to create more opportunities, surround yourself with a Corporate Advisory Board of people and perhaps most importantly, be personal in online meetings despite everything and be sincere and interested – ask questions!

Gervaise Coebergh, Founder of Coebergh PR closed the evening with an ardent toast and wise words as the leading Dutch connoisseur in the communication industry.

Everyone is elated and we scuffed on home because a press conference was scheduled for Friday.

35 people on 186m2 a networking event with social distancing, that’s how it’s done in a nutshell.

This event was powered by Oranjefonds, Gemeente Den Haag and ImpactCity