Five Sustainable Shopping Tips in The Hague

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Looking for a Christmas gift for your loved ones, but not willing to buy a mass-produced item and add to the throwaway mentality? Amanda Hofman, designer and founder of Studio April shares five tips with you where to look for gifts in The Hague!

1. Pakkie Deftig foundation is a second-hand shop full of little gems. Enter the thrift store and don’t let the amount of stuff and clothes discourage you. Take your time to explore the store and you’ll always find something nice that somebody else has discarded! You’ll find this thrift store in different parts of The Hague.

2. Looking for baby clothing? At Achtung Baby! you’ll find vintage and hand made baby clothing. It is a great place to buy unique and affordable baby clothes! Prins Hendrikstraat 97, The Hague.


3. Zinderin Kunst is an art and ceramics studio where people with disabilities make beautiful vases, bowls, and cups that are hand painted. You will be sure that every gift from this shop is unique and made with lots of love and attention. Westeinde 2, The Hague.


4. In my own Studio April I make leather bags and purses out of used leather. All creations are handmade with attention and love. I make my products only after an order is placed, this means that there is no stock and so everyone gets a unique purse or wallet. If you find it hard to choose something for someone else, choose a gift voucher!


5. Repair or patch up something that you no longer use and give it to someone who can use it. This way you’ll give a personal gift and you support your local heroes like shoemakers, carpenters, electricians and tailors.

“Christmas is not only about giving gifts. It is not about spending money on each other, it is about spending time with each other, caring for each other, doing something for somebody. Why not make homemade presents or cook a nice meal for your family instead of buying a gift?”

– Amanda Hofman-