Guest blog by Karbe co-founder Adriana Carmona:

Free online tools that help you start a business

Adriana Carmona, co-founder of The Hague-based startup Karbe, shares her insights about starting a business. They will help your business thrive and will broaden your horizons, she argues. If your business is in the startup phase and you are eager to learn, go ahead and read her tips about free online tools and platforms here.



  1. Startup Stash

    Startup Stash is a detailed directory of resources and tools (about any topic from product demo to payroll) to help entrepreneurs build and develop their startups. This platform helps you to have easy access to the most relevant resources a startup needs. A must when building your own business:

  2. Udacity

    Udacity is an innovative online education provider with the mission to bring accessible, affordable and engaging education to the people. With partners like Google, AT&T, and Facebook they offer courses on almost any topic you can imagine: from mastering web design to tech entrepreneurship. Udacity’s philosophy is that “Education should be less passive listening (no long lectures) and more active doing”. Udacity seeks to empower students to advance at their own pace and to succeed not only in school but also in life:

  3. HubSpot Academy

    HubSpot Academy teaches you how to become an expert in sales or marketing. It offers a variety of courses, workshops, and degrees. The HubSpot Academy also has several locations where face to face training or mentorship is offered:

  4. Codecademy

    If you want to learn how to code, Codecademy is definitely the best way to start. From HTML to C++ coding, Codecademy offers courses in many computer languages from basic to advanced levels:

  5. Coursera

    Coursera is an education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide. Its goal is to offer courses online for anyone to take, providing universal access to the best education. Coursera offers a variety of courses from digital marketing until analytics: