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Fuckup Nights The Hague #5

On Tuesday 17-09-2019 there was  yet another edition of Fuckup Nights The Hague. The venue was completely packed, with up to 70 people attending the event. We are very proud of everybody who helped making this event such a success. A big thanks to our crowd and all the partners for putting their trust in us. Curious to learn what stood out during this event? We will tell you all about it!

We kicked off this event with an inspiring talk of Roger Olivieira, who’s definitely one of the seasoned entrepreneurs among us. He shared not 1, not 2 but 3 major fuckups with us and of course all the lessons learned! From being involved in catering and hospitality to the hosting of events and its marketing & advertising. Roger truly went through it all and can tell you the most (in)famous stories. The main take away was that Roger urges you to listen to your inner soul and not just to what’s best for business. For Roger this meant he eventually decided just to stay the creative person who he is, and not the potential CEO of a company he founded.

Next we had four very different stories, but all related to making an impact lined up. They guided us through their journey of lessons learned using a tight format called Pecha Kucha (20 slides of 20 seconds, 6.40 minutes). Afterwards there was plenty of time for a good Q&A session with the audience.
This time our audience consisted out of at least 70% non-Dutchies, most of them working either as an entrepreneur, an employer or just being a student, but all looking for new opportunities and trying to make an impact in and around the city of The Hague. We always strive for an international orientated audience and really like the vibe that comes with it!

First up was Bob Offereins, a former alcoholic, woke up one day and decided that he didn’t want to feel like this anymore, or ever again. So he stood up, he fought and he changed. Now, Bob facilitates a good conversation with yourself. He is a coach, counselor & communications trainer who works with people, teams and organizations to help them to achieve their happy potential. The main takeaway was that everyone can make change, as long as you really want to and go for it. Bob definitely did!

Second speaker Mandy Ladan experienced how an unplanned pregnancy at the age of 24 made her the founder of a worldwide NGO. It took her 9 months to get used to the idea of becoming a mom. And then.. in the spring of 2011, she not only gave birth to a beautiful daughter, but also her NGO MommaLuv was born.

Mandy decided to connect woman all around the world who have a similar story, all to support future moms and make their life as a one to be easier. Starting a life with giving and not receiving was the basic outline, being focused on sustainable impact in the world of young woman, motherhood and third world countries.

After the break we had Roy Slagter, a co-founder at an e-learning company for the last 1,5 years. But, just recently he had to quit because it didn’t seem to pay off the way it should. In fact, he was really close to success, but it was never meant to be successful for Roy. Yes, he had the fans and a proper engagement, but then life happened and he lost focus on what was needed to succeed..Roy now has a sales job at a company in order to improve his skills before he gets back to entrepreneurship and is also really happy with what he’s currently doing. Roy will definitely come back as an entrepreneur.

The final speakers were Anne Zeegers & Feike Mijwaart, who already fucked up the first job they were having. Not because they were not capable of delivering, but because their forethought sales strategy just didn’t seem to work out in practice. They shared the importance of having a clear and structured terms of service agreement upfront, calculating the exact offer and the shared benefits if it works out. The key to problem solving is basically communication. They make every problem easier to understand by visualizing to get a clear insight on the situation.

After each speaker and the Q&A sessions, we ended the official program with our open stage. We had up to 3 people stepping forward to share some of their personal and/or business related fuckups. We really appreciate the openness and enthusiasm everybody showed!

What’s next? We will continue to host this event in 2019 and 2020 with the first two events coming up in November and January. Make sure to keep an eye out on our socials for the official announcements.

We want to thank the Student Hotel, the city of The Hague – ImpactCity, and all our other partners for making all this possible. Not only for this event, but also for all others that were hosted throughout the year. And now… it’s time for the next step! So, we also took the opportunity to introduce our new event collective How to Start. Because a fuckup is always the start of a new beginning as well.

How to Start is all about getting you and/or your business started; from the actual start to having success and even about failure. We’re really excited to get this series of events started with you and the city of The Hague being the first hosting these events.

Basically, we’re bringing you the lessons learned in entrepreneurship. You’ll learn about the mindset, skills, methods and tools being used or developed by our so-called experts, who are just those like you being out there, bringing it into practise, trying to make an impact.

You can pick the brain of our experts, who learned from experience. Either to prevent you to reinvent the wheel, but also just because you’re part of these brave and unconventional thinkers that need support in making a change.
They will focus on different topics related to their business or experience in getting started, finding your first paying customers, getting funded, reaching success and also about dealing with failure or for example pressure or expectations.
Just check out the program on and see if there’s anything you like!

Last but not least we also want to thank our speakers for sharing their (personal) difficulties and being so open with us. Once again we learned so much from them. And of course you guys in the audience, being so involved with them, makes it all worth our while.

See you at FUN The Hague!

PS: Make sure to check out some of the photos.