Guest blog by FUN The Hague:

Fuckup Nights The Hague #6

On Tuesday, 19-11-2019, there was yet another great edition of Fuckup Nights The Hague. This time was very special to us because it was the first FUN edition in The Hague being moderated by a female. No other than our new member, Anna, took the mic and received great welcome support from our audience, of which we are also very proud.

At FUN, we support the inclusivity on and off stage trying to make an impact together with our partners in The Hague, also known as Impact City! Once again, we really enjoyed it and therefore a big thank you to everybody who helped to make this sixth event such a success, that means including you! Curious to learn who and/or what stood out during this event? We will tell you all about it in this latest report!

-For the protection of our speakers, we will not publish any insights shared or questions answered regarding their presentations. If you’re really curious to know what to expect or learn from our speakers, make sure to attend one of our events-

We kicked off this event with Julan Deden, an art school graduate, startup founder and education enthusiast. He shared his story on how his startup received great support, but nothing went according to plan. His team of five joined as “Upframe” and came out as “Emplow” with only two survivors. Julan learned a lot from this experience and he is willing to share some lessons learned if you reach out to him.

Next up was Nicole Schuijer, the founder of Yourright-Foundation and a health care worker who’s in love with Tanzania. Her eyes for the needed opened 5 years ago when she learned certain lessons the hard way. In her Fuckup talk, Nicole shared a story of what happened when a relation asked for help. She supported with her own network and resources, but when money was getting involved, she found herself getting stuck in a pool of lies. The main takeaway was that everyone can make change in a rural area, even if you can or will get screwed. As long as you keep in mind that you might have changed a life for the better. Nicole did that and eventually she found the strength to fight back and come out stronger and more efficient with her foundation, so she keeps striving for impact.

Third speaker was Bernard Van Erk, a 25-year-old serial entrepreneur who began his entrepreneurial journey during his university days. Born and raised in South Africa and currently based in Belgium, he is the Founder of Intern-National, among other ventures that he cofounded. In his presentation, Bernard focused on his recent mistakes during crucial times whilst starting up Intern-National, from the early shift of business development, sales & marketing to raising capital too early and the negative effects it had on his company, the team and reaching company’s goals. Where did that end up? Well, Bernard’s entrepreneurial drive comes from his desire to help others achieve their potential and making the world a better place one step at a time, so that was also his main take-away. With sharing his story, he hoped to help you prevent future mistakes and inspire to keep going through with your idea regardless of the challenges!

Last but no least was Marc Rodan, our regular co-host but this time a Fuckup Speaker. Marc shared a story about entrepreneurs, who often seem to live their best life. They are known to be today’s rockstars, doing the work they love and living the life they want. Marc Rodan also definitely looks like he did that, for example he has travelled all over the world to create businesses he absolutely loved. He baked pancakes in Sweden, shot videos all over Asia and ‘Ninjafied’ employees back in the Netherlands. But…everything ‘failed’, nevertheless Marc is still going strong by applying lessons learned in his new initiatives. In his latest Fuckup talk, Marc shared why entrepreneurship is not always what it seems and where he went wrong on his road to personal fulfilment and success. But hey, everyone can make impact or at least give a try, as long as you realize that you really want to and go for it. What do you really have to lose? Anyway, Marc is definitely pursuing!

What’s next? We will continue to host this event in 2020 with the first event coming up in January. Hereby the official announcement, so don’t hesitate and make sure to get your tickets now!

Not to forget, we want to thank the Student Hotel, the city of The Hague – Impact City, and all our other partners for making all this possible. Not only for this event, but also for all others that were hosted throughout the year.

And now… it’s time to look forward to 2020! So, last time we also took the opportunity to introduce our new event collective How to Start. Because a fuckup is always the start of a new beginning as well.

How to Start is all about getting you and/or your business started; from the actual start to having success and even about failure. We’re really excited to get this series of events started with you and the city of The Hague being the first hosting these events.

We’re bringing you the lessons learned in entrepreneurship. You’ll learn about the mindset, skills, methods and tools being used or developed by our so-called experts, who are, just like you, out there, bringing it into practise, trying to make an impact.

You can pick the brain of our experts, who learned from experience. They can help you prevent you from reinventing the wheel, and you become a part of these brave and unconventional thinkers that need support in making a change.

They will focus on different topics related to their business or experience in getting started, finding your first paying customers, getting funded, reaching success and also about dealing with failure or for example pressure or expectations. Just check out the program on and see if there’s anything you like!🤙Note that we’re still filling up the agenda for 2020 with a lot more events to be announced and/or introduced so stay tuned for more!

Last but not least we also want to thank our speakers for sharing their (personal) difficulties and for being so open with us. Once again, we learned so much from them. And of course, we thank the audience for being so involved, makes it all worth it.

See you at FUN The Hague!